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the other day i was on a turbine pub and there was this guy chat spamming “pwnage” after he killed anyone as demo knight which is really cheap cause they get fire and blast resistance.. and i killed him a couple times and he’d kill me too. most of the times i ran into him he was overhealed or he’d realize he was losing and charge away. anyway when he decided to change server to pubstomp somewhere else he invited me to a group called “Pwnaged by M. Yura” (his steam name is M. Yura) and he gave us his twitch link and left. i checked out his profile and it turns out that the player is actually an experienced competitive player and he just goes on pubs, “pwnages”(who says pwnage anymore) inexperienced players  then invites them to the group…idk how boring your life must be to have to want to do things like that for excitement and he actually streams that shit…if i ever get like that i encourage anyone to just kill me irl


MWD Easter Selfie

Easter’s around the corner and we wanted to get in the spirit of things with some Menswear Dog spring selfies. He’s even perfected the art of the no-look! Be sure to check out more pastel pooches over at Beggin’s tumblr.

Via Menswear Dog

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They see me rollin’ they hatin’

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Via Shibe Doge

i spent the past four hours watching ghost shit and james and the giant peach. i now realize that the pirate captain is jack skellington

Jebus, Daso, and me

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"Y para el unico amor de mi vida, xxx; mis discos y peliculas." I used her name in my story only because i wanted her to know. She asked me if it meant anything. "It’s just a story," i said. I didn’t let her know that it was a true one.


Why do we even bother buying them presents… when all they care for are the boxes that the pressies came in ;)

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